Synapse One pioneros en enchular a tu celular

Esperemos que muchas compañías sigan este modelo de venta.

Synapse One

299,00€ including VAT
The Starting Specs are:
Operating System:
Android 2.2
10.16cm, 4,0-inch SuperAMOLED multitouch-sensitive screen with 480×800 WVGA resolution
Two built-in microphones (Telephone and noise-reduction)
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Accelerometer sensor
Four capacity buttons or four physical buttons under the screen
Power button
Two volume buttons on the left side
Camera button on the right side
Expansion Slot:
microSD memory card(SD 2.0 compatible)
Up to 32GB card support.
Body material:
Aluminium with ambientlight
In Box Content:
Main unit
Battery (as selected)
MicroUSB Cable
Charger (Voltage range/frequency: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz)
RF Brochure
Product Safety & Warranty Statement
Quick Start Guide

3 years worldwide warranty
Shipping starts in the middle of Q1 2011. We pay all the shipping costs.
And now it is your turn to select the Hardware you want.

All cameras can record videos in 720P.

For taking pictures under bad lighting conditions.

The Front Camera gives you the ability for videocalls.

For people who like to watch TV.

The amount of memory in your Smartphone. Choose more if you want to save a lot of music or movies.

With a lot of working memory your Smartphone runs smoother, even if a lot of apps are running at the same time.

Choose your microSD-Card.

Choose which kind of buttons you like under the Display. Capacity buttons or physical buttons.


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Lic. en Derecho. Me gusta la música Gypsy Punk Rock Epic Metal Ska Reggae Cumbia Mambo Swing Cha Cha Cha Laptop Rap etc.
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